Optimal Health Starts With Proper Diet.

My 12 month body transformation program for both men and women will lead you through a proven method to make small and simple changes to your lifestyle and nutritional habits.  Say good bye to yo-yo diets and fads, this time your results will be here to stay!

Say good bye to spending countless dollars on fad diets and books, quick-fix weight loss programs promising you rapid results that never last.

Say hello to building a stronger, happier, more-confident beTTER you who’ll learn to become self-empowered in how to make positive changes to your eating and lifestyle habits that will truly last a lifetime.

What You Get

Along with my personal consultations, the program is managed through a web-based platform, providing you with the perfect combination of reliable science-backed nutrition research and personalized care.
I will provide you the attention that makes you feel like you truly have the support you need.

All levels of my program include the following features (and more):

Smart Guidance

The software is built to keep you accountable with regular check-ins and progress reports.

Daily Check-Ins

Everyday activities and reporting for accountability checks on your program.

Audio Lessons

Alternative audio lessons for those of you who prefer to multi-task.

Ongoing Support & Resources

One-on-one support with me on a regular basis. Frequency of phone call support depends on which plan you join.

Nutrition & Supplement Assessment

I listen to your needs and past habits to customize a healthy plan with recommendations for diet and supplementation.

Community Support

Exclusive access to a private JenFit facebook group where all members can share their stories and tips on their personal journey.

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

I have been working with Jennifer on and off for years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. I lack the self-motivation to work out on my own and although she is a half hour drive for me, I continue to train with her because she has proven to be an excellent motivator. She is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. Each of my workout sessions are tailored specifically to me and are always different. She is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear. Jennifer is a force of positivity. She is committed and inspirational and I highly recommend her!

Danielle Zidek

While all of my trainers were excellent motivators, Jen stands out because of the variety in her training and whole approach to her clients.  Not only is she a good physical trainer, but she constantly seeks feedback from me and provides me with additional non-exercise options to consider to meet my goals – including suggesting different nutrition ideas and the use of supplements.  I appreciate her non-pushy and motivational way to get me to consider different options that I otherwise wouldn’t consider. I have now tried some new options that no trainer in the past has even recommended and so far those options have been successful.  Jen is also dedicated to her clients. She focuses only on me when I am training with her and she is an overall upbeat person. Although sometimes I am exhausted once I am done with her workouts, I always feel better about myself.

Julie Langdon


Jennifer has been my trainer for approximately two years. She has designed an extremely effective program to meet my goals of core strengthening and overall tone and flexibility. She has proved to have a substantial knowledge of pharmaceutical quality supplements that have assisted me greatly in dealing with my allergies and overall feeling of well-being. And perhaps most of all, she has made the rigorous discipline of training a most delightful experience with her pleasant personality and her joie de vivre. I cannot recommend Jennifer Steigert more than total enthusiasm. Thank you Jennifer.

Justin Tedrowe

100% Guarantee or Get Your Money Back

I am so confident in the effectiveness of my coaching services that I promise you a 100% money-back guarantee on the nutrition coaching. Complete the program for an entire year and if you haven’t had success, you’ll receive your money back in full.

When followed with dedication and commitment, you will see results and changes.

Ready to get Fit today?

Tired of wondering what really works?  Let’s work together to make lasting changes once and for all.

If you still have questions and you’re not sure which plan is best for you, I offer a free first-time nutrition consultation to help you choose the right plan to meet your specific needs.

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