The power to change is within YOU!

Hey there, I'm Jen!​

I’m a nature lover at heart who fell in love with the world of fitness, health and wellness many years ago. Now, two decades later, I teach, inspire and encourage personal transformations through my coaching services and programs.

Over the years I’ve experienced a number of health challenges that kept me from living my best life. Many times it seemed I’d never find a solution, but thankfully my persistence and knowledge of holistic health eventually paid off and I overcame them.

Along the way I’ve also worked with a few different coaches, and each experience provided me with valuable lessons, skills and takeaways. A good coach will help you apply knowledge and make it work in your life so that you can overcome your unique challenges.

Today, at 44 years old, I can honestly say I’m much more satisfied with the way I look and feel than when I was younger.

Looking back, I can see how all of my struggles were ultimately shaping me to become the successful coach and leader that I am today.

Having a healthy, strong mindset will positively transform how you think and feel about your current struggle and yourself.

Eating healthy, nutritious food can be natural and easy when you develop the right mindset and systems. Nutritional supplements (aka vitamins) provide additional support and help to optimize your body, mind and health goals.

Fitness should feel good! The trick is to choose exercises that are suitable for your body, comfort level, and lifestyle. Learn how to stay safe and injury-free.

Balance your work and personal life while staying on top of your health and fitness goals.

Give yourself the gift of reliable, encouraging, daily support so that you’re able to stay consistent.

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About the Jenfit Lifestyle

I started Jenfit LLC, a 360° total lifestyle transformation company, because I’ve personally experienced just how powerful it can be to have a skilled coach on your team. My approach focuses on all aspects of health and wellness, so that you can look and feel your best without the struggle.

I’ve had the privilege of helping women & men from around the country develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime through my transformational coaching services and programs ⎯ and I’d love to help you do the same.