How Nutrition Impacts Your Health

For most of us, if we want to lose weight or improve our health we tend to think things like,  “I can’t eat that food right now.”  and, “That food is bad.”

But I’d like to call your attention to one tiny, yet significant detail:  The name of this Pillar is Nutrition, not food.

Now you might be thinking, “Ok, what’s the difference, Jen?”

So I’ll share with you exactly how I explain this to my clients: If we focus on food alone, it can be very easy for the feeling of deprivation to set it in. I’m sure most of us are familiar with how uncomfortable this can feel and it’s typically the reason why many people ‘fall off the wagon’ when dieting.  

Why does this happen?  Because on a very fundamental level we’re removing something (food) that we associate with happiness, comfort, and memories.  In a way, those oh-so-delicious-yet-bad-for-us foods have become part of who we are!

That’s why I like to take a different approach.  I’ve found it much easier to make lasting changes within the Nutrition Pillar when I shift my focus to the many benefits I receive by adding more healthy foods into my meals.  Nutritious foods literally feed the cells of our body, helping us to become healthier. When we feel healthier we experience less pain, less discomfort, and more joy and happiness.  It’s actually pretty amazing when you stop and think about it!

Nutrition is so much more than food you can and can’t eat. It is fueling your body with the raw materials it needs to thrive.  It is not about starving or depriving yourself.

Incorporating the Nutrition Pillar into your journey takes time. You’ll need to reevaluate your grocery shopping habits, kitchen supplies, and most likely spend some time educating yourself about what it really means to eat healthy.

Each Pillar of Health is just as important as the others. Our ultimate goal should be to achieve a state of balance in each pillar so that we can experience optimal health and greater happiness. Check out the links below to learn more about the other pillars.

Please, feel free to reach out. I would love to connect. Personal training and coaching are just a few of the ways I can help support you on your journey.

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