Mindset Shifts For Better Health And Weight Loss

Mindset is huge.

Having the right mindset (or working towards it) really helps with every other part of your wellness journey.

And in case you’re wondering- No, I’m not perfect at this. I’m still working on my mindset every single day.

So what is mindset? Mindset is a reflection of your thoughts, attitudes, and state of emotions.

From the time we are just a baby, outside forces are constantly telling us how to think and act. Over time, these influences shape our mindset. Our opinions and thoughts about what we like and don’t like; what is or isn’t possible; what’s right or wrong and so on, are ultimately formed by where we live, the people we are connected to and our experiences throughout life.

We’re also influenced by the media, marketing, television, and social media -­just to name a few.  In fact, we’re influenced so often that most of us never stop and really think about what a tremendous impact it can have on our health, happiness, and quality of life.

Repeat after me: “I am in control of my mindset and thoughts.”

Yes, you have the power to control your thoughts. Because ultimately, your thoughts create your reality.  This little known fact can change the entire course of your wellness journey in a very positive way.

How can you do this?

Through personal development. A few ideas that come to mind are to journal, meditate or practice yoga consistently.  Although any activity that helps you visualize, manifest or experience a sense of connection and peace from deep within yourself will offer profound benefits.

Mindset work takes time and practice.  It’s best to focus on making small changes towards your goal. Start a gratitude journal or clear your head with a nature walk. Soon, you will start to invite more positive energy and a healthy mindset into your life on a daily basis.

If you want to experience better health, the best advice I can give is to take action today and start building your foundation.  One day, much sooner than you think, you will look back and realize just how far you’ve come. I know this is true because I did it - and  I believe you can do it too!

Each Pillar of Health is just as important as the others. Our ultimate goal should be to achieve a state of balance in each pillar so that we can experience optimal health and greater happiness. Check out the links below to learn more about the other pillars.

Please, feel free to reach out. I would love to connect. Personal training and coaching are just a few of the ways I can help support you on your journey.

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